Dolvi Works

Located on the West coast of India, the plant has a jetty that can handle a capacity of 10 million tonnes per annum.

This provides the unit with logistical advantages in importing raw materials and exporting finished products. Located around 80 kms from Mumbai, the unit is well connected via rail, road and sea and has given JSW Steel a strategic presence in Western India.

The Dolvi Steel Plant caters to several industries including automotive, infrastructure, construction, machinery, LPG cylinder-manufacturers cold rollers, the oil and gas sectors and consumer durables.

Dolvi Plant


  • Casting speed of 11 mtr/min in two casters - benchmark in the world
  • Thin Slab Casters
  • Direct Rolling without any preheating of the slab
  • Hydraulic Auto Gauge Control & PCFC for Profile Control
  • Raw Material to Hot Rolled Coil in 222 minutes
  • Expertise in Hot Metal Operation without mixer & Desulphurisation units

Dolvi Manufacturing Facilities

  Capacity Technology / Supplier Features
Pellet 4 mtpa METSO, USA Induration process. Wet Grinding system,Travelling grate indurating machine, 464 m2 travel grate for Hearth layer seperation by natural segregation/ HL vibrating screen. Direct filter cake feeding system.
Sinter 1 2.8 mtpa MECC China Highest secondary material used in feed mix - 150 Kg/ton of sinter for the day suction Undergate: 1400mm of water column. Bed Area 210 m2. Electrostatic precipitator used for dust collection
Sinter 2 2.8 mtpa Outotec, Germany Suction Undergate: 1400mm of water column Bed Area 224 m2Electrostatic precipitator used for dust collection
Coke Oven 1 mtpa MECC Sino steel, China 5.5 m height, stamp charged, recovery type 2 Nos. of batteries with 55 ovens / battery Wet Quenching Byproduct recovery plant, water treatment plant Coke Oven Gas used for heating at different furnaces and Boilers
Blast Furnace 3.5 mtpa Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co. (NSENGI) Total Volume 4323 m3 4 tap hole, 36 tuyeres, 5 Hot Blast Stove Horizontal staves in hearth area Cast House Dust extraction system 1900000 nm3
Sponge Iron Plant 1.6 mtpa Midrex, USA Gas based plant, World's first mega module DRI plant. Metallization more than 94% with 1.8% C. World first DRI plant, using coke oven gas for the production of DRI.

Manufacturing Process

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Dolvi Manufacturing Process

Product Capabilities

Parameter Capabilities
Grades Auto, Line pipe (Oil & Gas), Cold Rolled, Pipes & Tubes, Projects & Construction, LPG, Machinery
Thickness (mm) 1.2 - 25 mm
Width (mm) 900 - 1550 mm
YS / UTS (Mpa) As per standards / Customized
Coil ID 762 (+/- 20) mm
Coil OD 1800mm Max
Edge Mill Edge
Width Tolerance +15/-0mm
Thickness Tolerance 1.2-1.3mm = +/- 0.030mm, 1.31- 1.40mm = +/- 0.050mm, 1.41-4.00 mm = +/- 0.075mm, > 4 - 10 mm = +/- 0.10mm, > 10 mm +/- 1% thk
Tongue/Fish tail 800mm Max (500mm Head end, 500mm Tail end)
Packing As Agreed


  • Thickness Tolerance, Width Tolerance, Flatness Tolerance and Camber Tolerance shall be as per standards applicable (JIS, EN, ASTM, IS, ISO etc)
  • For the steel sheet and the regular portion of the steel coil, measurement of thickness shall be made at any point not less than 40mm from both side edges
  • The tolerances do not apply to the head end and tail end of the coils (irregular/uncropped/ fish tail or tongue portion)
  • Either plus or minus side of the thickness tolerances given in tables may be limited on request. The total tolerances in this case shall be equal to those given in the table
  • Closer Tolerances can be accepted on mutual agreement