Vijayanagar Works

The Vijayanagar plant of JSW Steel is the first integrated steel plant to reach 10 MTPA capacity at a single location in India. It is the first plant in India to use the Corex technology for hot metal production.

The first Hot Strip Mill at Vijayanagar was commissioned in 1997. Since then it has grown exponentially and now has an installed capacity to produce 10 MTPA of steel. Located 380 kms from Bangalore in Toranagallu, North Karnataka - a part of the Bellary-Hospet iron ore belt - it is a fully integrated steel plant well-connected with both Goa and Chennai ports.

Vijayanagar Plant


  • KR Process and Co-injection Technology for production of ultra low Sulphur Steel
  • Low levels of dissolved Oxygen & Hydrogen:- RH-OB Process
  • Clean Steel with low NMI (Non Metallic Inclusions):- Combined Blowing, Sublance System, DART System, Inclusion Morphology Modification, Full Shrouding System, Tundish Furniture, Vertical Bend Caster, Mold Fluid Flow
  • Minimum Segregation: Dynamic Soft Reduction Technology
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances: Automatic Profile Control Model
  • High Strength and Dual Phase Steel (Plain Carbon & Low Alloy) depending on customer requirements
  • Flatness/Shape in Cut To Length Form: Automatic Flatness Control Model at HSM and Robust Leveling System in Cut to Length Line

Steel Melting Shop (SMS)

  Capacity Technology / Supplier Features
Pellet Pellet Plant1: 4.2MTPA
Pellet Plan2: 5MTPA
Total: 9.2MTPA
M/s. Kvaerner Metals,
Dryers, Ball Mills, Pelletisiers of 7.5m dia, Indurating furnace, Electrostatic Precipitator and Water Re-circulation System
Sinter Sinter Plant1: 2.3MTPA
Sinter Plant2: 2.3MTPA
Sinter Plant3: 5.75MTPA
Sinter Plant4: 2.6MTPA
Total: 12.95MTPA
M/s Otto Kumpo,
SP1 &2: 204 Square meter Sinter Bed SP3: 496 Square meter Sinter Bed SP4: 231 Square meter Sinter Bed
Coke Oven Coke Oven1: 0.6MTPA
Coke Oven2: 0.6MTPA
Coke Oven3: 1.5MTPA
Coke Oven4: 1.9MTPA
Total: 4.6MTPA
Coke Oven1&2: M/s Sesa Kembla, India Coke Oven3&4: M/s MECC, China (Sino Steel ) Coke Oven1&2: Non recovery type with 4 batteries of 279 ovens Coke Oven3&4: Recovery type with 4 batteries of 128 ovens
Corex Corex1: 0.8MTPA
Corex2: 0.85MTPA
Total - 1.65MTPA
M/s Voest Alpine,
Coal Blending Station, Coal Drying Plant, Stock House, Water Re-circulation System, Gas Cleaning System and Slag Granulation Plant
Blast Furnace Blast Furnace1: 0.9MTPA
Blast Furnace2: 1.3MTPA
Blast Furnace3: 2.7MTPA
Blast Furnace4: 2.7MTPA
Total: 7.6MTPA
BF1 - M/s Mecon, India BF2 - M/s Danieli Corus, Netherlands BF3 & 4 - M/s Siemens VAI, UK BF1 - useful volume of 1250 m3 BF2 - useful volume of 1680 m3 BF3&4 - useful volume of 4019 m3 each
Convertor SMS1 (3 Convertors): 3.9MTPA
SMS2 (7 Convertors): 6.0MTPA
Total - 9.8MTPA
M/s SMS Demag,
SMS1 Convertors: 130tons/heat Top Cone Cooling, arrester (DART system), SMS2 Convertors: 170tons/heat from top and Argon from bottom, Pre tap plug & post tap slag Sublance system Combined blowing of oxygen
Secondary Steel Making SMS1: 3LHF & 1RH degasser SMS2: 4LHF & 2RH degassers M/s SMS Demag,
LHF: Auto Electrode regulation system Multiple wire feeding, Water cooled roof RH Degasser: Multi funcion lance, Hydraulic Rocker Arm System, Recirculation rate: 100 TPM for SMS1 & 125TPM for SMS2
Caster SMS1 (4 Slab casters): 3.8MTPA
SMS2 (1 Billet caster): 1.5MTPA
SMS2 (3 Slab casters): 4.5MTPA
Total - 9.8MTPA
M/s. SMS Demag, Germany
M/s. VAI Siemens, UK
Slab Casters: 220/260/300mm Thick with 800 to Auto mould width change, SEN change facility Billet Caster: 165 x 165mm Caster1&2: Curved Moulds with 2200 mm width electromechanical Oscillation, Air mist cooling, Caster 3,4,6,7&8: Dynamic spray cooling, Auto mould width change, Vertical mould with with dynamic soft reduction hydraulic Oscillator, Auto-strand taper control
Total - 8.2MTPA
HSM1: M/s Danieli, USA
HSM2: M/s Mitsubishi- Hitachi, Japan
Thickness 1.4 - 25.4mm and width 900-2100mm HSM1: 2- Reheating Furnace, 1-Roughing mill (Reversible), 6 stand-4 Hi tandem mill (Finishing Mill), Run out Table & 2-Down coilers HSM2: 3- Reheating Furnace, 2-Roughing mill(Reversible), 7 stand-4 Hi tandem mill (Finishing Mill), Run out Table & 3-Down coilers capable to make Dual Phase steel Online Surface inspection system
(CAL1-0.90MTPA, CAL2-0.9MTPA - CRCA & CGL-0.40MTPA - Coated)
CRM1: Continuous Picking Line: M/s Flat Products India Ltd
Compact Cold Rolling Mill: M/s. SMS Demag, Germany Batch Annealing Furnace: M/s. Ebner, Austria
CRM2: Pickling and Continuous Cold Rolling Mill: M/s. SMS Siemag, Germany Continuous Annealing Mill(2 NOS): M/s. SPCO, Japan Continuous Galvanising Line (1 no.): M/s SPCO, Japan
Thickness 0.35 - 3.2mm and width 900-1870mm CRM1: Continuous Pickling Line(1 No.), Compact Cold Rolling Mill(1 No.),Electrolytic Cleaning Line(1 No.), Batch annealing Furnace(1 No.), Skin Pass Mill(1 No.), Recoiling Line(2 Nos), Auto Packing Line(1 Nos)
CRM2: Pickling and Continuous Cold Rolling Mill(1 No), Continuous Annealing Line(2 Nos), Continuous Galvanising Line(1 No.): M/s SPCO, Japan, Recoiling Line(3 Nos), Auto Packing Line(2 Nos)
ACL ACL1 - 0.2 MTPA Terminal Equipments - Tenova, Italy Furnaces- LOI Thermoprocess Thickness: 0.30 - 0.7 mm and Width: 900 - 1350 mm Process speed- 30 - 120 mpm Coating- C3, C5, C6 Welder Capability- To Weld 0.3 to 3.2%Si in the above thickness
Plate Mill NA NA NA

Manufacturing Process

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Vijayanagar Manufacturing Process

Product Capabilities

Parameter Capabilities
Grades Re-rolling Grades, Drawing & Press Forming Grades includes HSLA grades, Tube and Pipe/ Forming Grades, Structural General Engineering/Tube/ Forming Grades and Chequered Grade, High Tensile General Engineering/Tube/ Forming Grades, LPG/Low Pressure Vessel Grades, Medium Carbon Grades, Weather Resistance Grades & Line Pipe Grades
Thickness (mm) 1.4 – 25.4 mm
Width (mm) 900 – 2100 mm
YS / UTS (Mpa) As per standards / Customized (Approx Max 620Mpa)
Coil ID 762 (+/- 40) mm
Coil OD 2100mm Max
Edge Mill Edge
Width Tolerance Width upto 1500mm: - 0/+ 20 mm for 95% of coil length (for balance 5% in Head end and +25 mm max). Width ≥1500mm: - 0/+ 25 mm for 95% of coil length (for balance 5% in Head end and +30 mm max).
Thickness Tolerance Upto 6 mm thickness 3/4th EN for 95% coil length (balance coil length is full EN 10051) and for ≥ 6 mm thickness 6% of thickness for 95% of coil length (balance coil length is full EN 10051).
Tongue/Fish tail 80% of coils 500 mm max each end and 20% coils 1000mm max or as agreed.
Packing 1-2 Circumferential and 2 to 4 bands through the eye or As agreed


  • Thickness Tolerance, Width Tolerance, Flatness Tolerance and Camber Tolerance shall be as per standards applicable (JIS, EN, ASTM, IS, ISO etc)
  • For the steel sheet and the regular portion of the steel coil, measurement of thickness shall be made at any point not less than 40mm from both side edges
  • The tolerances do not apply to the head end and tail end of the coils (irregular/uncropped/ fish tail or tongue portion)
  • Either plus or minus side of the thickness tolerances given in tables may be limited on request. The total tolerances in this case shall be equal to those given in the table
  • Closer Tolerances can be accepted on mutual agreement